We’ve been celebrating birthdays this week, we had a wonderful week and all the kids had a great time

It’s left hardly any time for knitting, but this is my project at the minute (been my project for a while!) a stripey jumper for my daughter, I keep having to change it as the patterns not the easiest to follow.

All the days seem to be merging into one now! And trying to find somewhere nice to go for a day with everything closed is getting harder…

I hope you’re all managing to get on with lockdown and remain positive xx


I have a new favourite place and a new favourite crochet piece…

Clent Hills is a beautiful place, with lockdown rules lifted, we have been there a couple of times now and it really does make you appreciate nature.

It is rare that we get a good picture together 🙂

I haven’t managed to snap a picture of the stunning bluebell fields yet but I will soon with the piece of knitting they have inspired.

As for my latest crochet project, after showing you my daughters cardigan that I made her I started work on one for her big sister, as she has no cardigans here when she stays with us! And this simple lightweight crochet piece is perfect.

I hope you’re all staying safe in lockdown and keeping healthy too, I’ve put on a little bit of weight all in the tummy!? So I’m going to try and get into shape (famous last words). But mentally, its a struggle for us all, I hope you’re finding your outlets and coping strategies ❤️

Your favourite cardigan

I crocheted my daughter this lovely cardigan last year, it has kept her warm and looking lovely through all sorts of weathers, its so handy to just throw on and the glitery wool just adds to the childish charm.

It did however, need a button, it would slip off her shoulders and she’d forever be pulling it up. So I finally managed to sew one on, ready for another year of good use before she grows out of it.

I also recieved a lovely parcel this morning from the knitting network. They had a deal on, 5 balls of this Tranquil chunky wool from James C Brett shade TQ05. And the rainbow wool, King cole riot DK chameleon shade 3174. I am so excited to create something out of the rainbow wool!

For the cold days…

Sometimes things in life don’t go as planned or even as fairly as they should. If there’s anything lockdown has taught me, it’s to let go of the rigid plans you have for yourself and just go with the flow.

Things could fall apart at any moment, things could fall into place at any moment.

Today, the first day of lockdown easing, we drove to a big green area a little further from us. I needed it today especially.

After the weather dipped yesterday I knitted up this headband to keep my ears warm. It only took a couple of hours and looks really good. It was nice to learn this easy new stitch too, I’ll be making a few more to bust my stash, especially for the girls!

Big walks and big feelings

I had to get away from it all, I had a huge dip in my emotions as we all fall deep into week 6 of lockdown here in the UK. I have been with my household twenty-four-seven.

I know we all have, but it all just got too much. I noticed that I was slipping back into a very, very dark place. I have worked so hard and made such positive choices in my life to get myself out of that dark place, I was not going to let myself fall back into that.

My local area is not beautiful or peaceful, it’s a stepping stone for where we want to be but it isnt our forever home.

I had to go somewhere beautiful and see lovely views, and not with my family just for one day in six weeks.

I found a lovely lake, I spent most of the day here and I feel so much better for it.

Before my big walk though I did go for a little walk with my daughter and we had a lovely time. And ending on a positive note, her cardigan was bought at a christmas market last year! I fell in love with it and the colour pattern, and was also glad I could support a fellow knitter.

But for everyone feeling this way, I want to let you know its okay. Even when people in your household dont feel the same and dont support it, thats okay, there’s no right or wrong feelings in lockdown. Many of us are going mad and we’re not all going through the same as some people have no garden, no local parks, no household but themselves.

So lets get through this and be kind to everyone around us.

Lots and lots of love, Rosy x

Crocheting for a loved one

I have been so inspired by summer tops, There are so many beautiful patterns online.

It is my best friends birthday tomorrow and so I made her two crochet tops, I looked up basics for making these types of tops and winged it. The shell stitch on the first top is so sweet and gives it a unique style.

And this is so boho – hippy, I love it!

Along with a painting my daughter made for her last year (that I never got round to giving to her) I wrapped them up ready to give to her!

She recieved it today and couldn’t be happier, I’m so glad she likes them and can’t wait to see her in them!


A sewers dream – The kids actually loved their matching outfits!

At this point I didn’t care that none of them wanted a picture, I’d been sewing all day and actually made outfits they ALL loved! Haha, don’t be too jealous!

By the time I’d made the T shirt, I was planning to take a break and start again tomorrow but I got asked “Whens my dress done!!!” So carried on, but definitely got to that tired silly mistakes part of sewing. The blue with seahorse panels dress was too big so I hand stitched a pleat in the back.

My instagram is also up and running where you can see more into my inspo and daily life! Give it a follow @rosyandthestitch


And this morning my huge wool order came! So excited for this project and can’t wait to show it you when it’s finally finished! We have limited space in our house so when my new Ikea table came too I was thrilled, I’d been fatasising about how it would look with wool inside and it actually looks lovely!

The young modern family trying to get through lockdown…

I am so grateful for the wonderful children in my life. My only dream, over anything else, has been to have a big family. My biggest ambition is to one day have raised happy, healthy young adults with fulfilled lives.

That will never change the fact families are hard work. Raising children is hard and being in lockdown is hard! I am lucky to say we are getting along quite well with it but that leaves me thinking how hard it is for people who aren’t, when we already find it hard enough.

The hardest part is being with your partner 24/7. My choice or I guess, not a choice, to not go shopping on my own (which means not at all because one of us must always be with our daughter) is hard, I never get time alone. I just can’t face the surreal face masks, gloves, distancing measures, glass screens etc… my anxiety over that is too much to face.

I notice the cabin fever effecting me every day physically and mentally. I am more snappy and agitated, my body aches, overall Im bored and forgetting what my life was like before, when things were so much more free.

I tried jogging before all this and that is really not for me! Yoga is more me, and since I don’t feel the dog walkers would appreciate me doing that in the local woods, thats my daily exercise inside.

A bath offers some escape for a little while.

But the biggest focus for alot of people right now is their relationship. So many friends think they could split up after this, so many are missing their partners, and so many are suffering through abuse with literally no where to go. I hope when this is over you come out of it safe and in a good place, but I know that won’t be the reality for alot of people.

We are carving out time and gestures in whatever way we can to keep the romance alive. Sending eachother small gifts, a surprise tent date in the living room was so magical and worthwhile tonight.

I got dressed up, and lay out fruit and drinks (and scrabble!)

It was a wonderful night and we felt like we weren’t in the house, on a real date, for the first time in 5 weeks.

I have been knitting the time away and have a few projects I can’t wait to show you soon,

Lots of love and stay safe,

Rosy x

Lockdown is a rollercoaster

It has become extremely apprant to alot of us that we are happier together. I can admit that we have been trying to find ways to still see our close ones without breaking the rules. We have been keeping two metres away from anyone we see and speaking to them through windows.

It’s becoming the norm to see families on driveways because we can’t go inside others houses now, it’s nice to see yet frustrating at the same time.

Trying to keep the kids happy and letting them see their close family is important whether its through a phone screen or windows.

This far in, no one can say they haven’t been effected mentally. Whether thats positive or negative, I have felt like its been a real rollercoaster and we’re no where near the end of the ride yet.

Some days I feel great and have lots of energy and positivity, others I’m depressed and feel there’s no way forward. But little trips out on walks in open parks/woods are saving us.

Today I’ve chopped my hair off and feel a little bit new. Now please don’t take the plunge and chop it all off if you don’t know if you’ll like it (we’ve all been there!) I had chopped it off short around this time last year so I knew I’d like it.

I also painted my nails for the first time in months and online shopping has been my best friend, Im waiting for 3 orders that all involve organising my house, something else I’m obsessed with right now.

And I found a fantastic stash of wool which I can’t wait to get using, lots of bright colours!

How are you finding the lockdown, have you got a stash to get you through? And what have you found you’re obsessed with!?

Happy Stitching! Love Rosy x

Spring during Lockdown

Hello Spring!

I think everyone’s getting through the day as best as they can and thats okay. I’ve done plenty of great, fun, positive things but I’ve also fell in and out of the lockdown rut.

The baking was great until we realised how fat we were all getting!

But the few moments of love that shine through the sadness really do mean the world 🌎

Sending love & good stitching to you all ❤️

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