The young modern family trying to get through lockdown…

I am so grateful for the wonderful children in my life. My only dream, over anything else, has been to have a big family. My biggest ambition is to one day have raised happy, healthy young adults with fulfilled lives.

That will never change the fact families are hard work. Raising children is hard and being in lockdown is hard! I am lucky to say we are getting along quite well with it but that leaves me thinking how hard it is for people who aren’t, when we already find it hard enough.

The hardest part is being with your partner 24/7. My choice or I guess, not a choice, to not go shopping on my own (which means not at all because one of us must always be with our daughter) is hard, I never get time alone. I just can’t face the surreal face masks, gloves, distancing measures, glass screens etc… my anxiety over that is too much to face.

I notice the cabin fever effecting me every day physically and mentally. I am more snappy and agitated, my body aches, overall Im bored and forgetting what my life was like before, when things were so much more free.

I tried jogging before all this and that is really not for me! Yoga is more me, and since I don’t feel the dog walkers would appreciate me doing that in the local woods, thats my daily exercise inside.

A bath offers some escape for a little while.

But the biggest focus for alot of people right now is their relationship. So many friends think they could split up after this, so many are missing their partners, and so many are suffering through abuse with literally no where to go. I hope when this is over you come out of it safe and in a good place, but I know that won’t be the reality for alot of people.

We are carving out time and gestures in whatever way we can to keep the romance alive. Sending eachother small gifts, a surprise tent date in the living room was so magical and worthwhile tonight.

I got dressed up, and lay out fruit and drinks (and scrabble!)

It was a wonderful night and we felt like we weren’t in the house, on a real date, for the first time in 5 weeks.

I have been knitting the time away and have a few projects I can’t wait to show you soon,

Lots of love and stay safe,

Rosy x

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