Big walks and big feelings

I had to get away from it all, I had a huge dip in my emotions as we all fall deep into week 6 of lockdown here in the UK. I have been with my household twenty-four-seven.

I know we all have, but it all just got too much. I noticed that I was slipping back into a very, very dark place. I have worked so hard and made such positive choices in my life to get myself out of that dark place, I was not going to let myself fall back into that.

My local area is not beautiful or peaceful, it’s a stepping stone for where we want to be but it isnt our forever home.

I had to go somewhere beautiful and see lovely views, and not with my family just for one day in six weeks.

I found a lovely lake, I spent most of the day here and I feel so much better for it.

Before my big walk though I did go for a little walk with my daughter and we had a lovely time. And ending on a positive note, her cardigan was bought at a christmas market last year! I fell in love with it and the colour pattern, and was also glad I could support a fellow knitter.

But for everyone feeling this way, I want to let you know its okay. Even when people in your household dont feel the same and dont support it, thats okay, there’s no right or wrong feelings in lockdown. Many of us are going mad and we’re not all going through the same as some people have no garden, no local parks, no household but themselves.

So lets get through this and be kind to everyone around us.

Lots and lots of love, Rosy x

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