Some sort of routine is returning to lockdown…

Over the last few days I’ve been managing to pull myself out of bed in the mornings, my body clock has reset and I’ve finally been managing to get a good nights sleep. This meant productivity! I have been so much more energised and took the girls out for a walk in a nearby fieldContinue reading “Some sort of routine is returning to lockdown…”

Lockdown is a rollercoaster

It has become extremely apprant to alot of us that we are happier together. I can admit that we have been trying to find ways to still see our close ones without breaking the rules. We have been keeping two metres away from anyone we see and speaking to them through windows. It’s becoming theContinue reading “Lockdown is a rollercoaster”

Spring during Lockdown

Hello Spring! I think everyone’s getting through the day as best as they can and thats okay. I’ve done plenty of great, fun, positive things but I’ve also fell in and out of the lockdown rut. The baking was great until we realised how fat we were all getting! But the few moments of loveContinue reading “Spring during Lockdown”

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